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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  June 30, 2012 3:45pm-4:45pm EDT

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>> she also has written for the new yorker, the wall street journal, the los angeles times, "newsweek" and "the new york foren rios lectured at yale university, columbia university and mit. she holds two mast's degrees unsi.atrocoia e llyo dr. moca. [laughter] in a recent interview with news max on her new book, "what the ,"aprrs geto happed? monica says, and i quote, president obama is redistributing everything that
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makes america great. not just our wealth, but also our mtaeurtul peou borders and our very exceptionalism. monica is one of the most brilliant and savvy young women of our day. andost rty r evtsic owis a great american patriot. and now it is my pleasure to introduce to all of you ms. monica crowley. [applause] >> perfect. wow, what an introduction. ronnie, i think i have to take you with me everywhere i do go. [laughter] ronnie, thank you very much for that, that was very kind and kainhaoumu us of you. in tht
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all of you who came out tonight, i know how busy everybody's lives are, so the fact you took some time out to celebrate my new book and me with me sonkght ans e wod le t t my book which, as you know, is called "what the [bleep] just happed?" . and i must say that my original thngoullase fo the book, the shes of obama." [laughter] and then i thought better of it, and i said, you know, i've got go on with bill o'reilly and sean hannity, and i can't picture them introducing me buen sl. jamealeswley's numbers and the fact that she has amazon one, two, three and four, and i thought maybe i should have stuck with "50
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shades of obama." [laughter] but the real story ofhe t, cal te tn some lel, last summer i went o to dinner here in new york city at pj clarks with one of my best girlfriends. and she and i were having a great time. and we started tkingabth an sta gou this long list of leftist insanity, insane constitutional the ng in ery sector not just of the american economy, but of american life. and we must have spent a good 30 minutes on this list just bouncing off each other one thg afrno fthig fli ocao
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al thin, athough with barack obama there are no small things. but things that we even forgot about like the fact he told the world exactly w many nuclear weapons have. see wri 's13d h i the book because he sent hillary clinton out to disclose that formerly top-secret, highly-cassfyed piece of information classified piece soweoihr oti g r hend extif nexti list. and by the end, by 30 minutes into it i kind of pushed back from my plate, and i said to her, what the [bleep] just happened? [laughter] only i used a litt more colorfulrd t usiteisok be fy - gh ke fy tv show, i decided to use the word [bleep] and allow all of you to sply your own colorful word for [bleep].
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but it was a really serious evhoshd kof wh homyik bill o'reilly say what the [bleep] just happened, everybody kind of giggles. but it's a serious, serious question. d i think it's a question most americans have been asking since the fall of 2 whe anok bmt the financial sector, and then it spread into a broader economic crisis. and then once president obama was elected and took office, again, as i said, we have been da acesong sanity froth administration. so when i say what the [bleep] just happened, there's so much that goes into that question. ama? the [bleep] has happened to wayioomy t he, re u t 1970s and the 1980s, and
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some of you grew up in those decades as well or earlier or later, and there was always this incredible sensef american optimism. thmusic wpp lt apev gh dnyoow, ere were things that, yes, that were problematic in the culture and so on, but the overall narrative, the story of erica was positive and upbeat. vethesis cry iin yurve exio t cry ullou o wve you wted to do, this country would not stop you from dreaming and doing whatever you wanted to do. i ow i grew up with that sense of optimism. every day was a sunnyay icve w i s urdoai whe' eie over the last couple of years has been a grand theft of that sense of optimism. it's been a robbery arge
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thenfim very sense of american exceptionalism. what the [bleep] just happened to america? what happened to our constitution which seems to get ravaged on a daily basis? thst w dv me p i had to put my manuscript to bed and allow harpercollins to publish it, but i could keep writing for a long, long te and, in fact, being thepechier am, i alrowo b iea idua 600age muscript which i had to get down to a readable size so i wouldn't put all of you to sleep. but the reason it was so longo begin with was because as i was doing my research, i uld go th goou and e i up ad it would go in the book, and then i'd go, oh, i forgot about that.
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that's too crazy to lee out. and before i knew i i had over 600 pages of material from this ministrationloust he steers 'speto r constitution? again, just look at what he's done these last two weeks. his move on illegal immigration, a violation of the co-ual viio tulw.fvent a di utey aosic laws he' going to enforce and which ones he won't. that's not a constitutional republic, that's a banana republic. and then last week ioking executive privege overhe aur mes gel. ane he b constitutional abuse. so you can't even keep up with all of the madness that's come out of this administration. so what the [bleep] happened to erica, what has happenedo haed tradional
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rocket path of economic growth that america has always been so famous for? ye even when we've experienced a great depression or recessions, we alws knew that eyould bor a oranatn c wwomeoang back. it's not the case this time. why? what the [bleep] just happened? eahaerazhach inde bt amassed that much debt. no nation on earth. 100% debt to gdp ratio right now in the united states. what the [bleep]? socialized medicine inhe so as went about, um, writing the book, it occurred to me and ronnie touched on this
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because this is one of the central arguments of the book -- weofrsamrte to write i tht sttieahet me a socialist. in fact, i have a section in the book called "the sinny socialist is a -- "the skinny socialis a big, fat l." ne cosa ca i ,es n tell me what part of that is inaccurate. [laughter] he is skinny. i don't know, he goes on these secret burger runs when michelle's not looking, but he's not gaining any weig he is a sialian, lioheri p int. ime example, i will cut the deficit in half in my first term. we all know how that's turned out. he inhered a $450 billion annual deficitad enou. uale i d y hen
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fias r bee $1.3 and $1.7 trillion annual deficit. add $5 trillion to the national debt in just three years. ad5tronthtihis wayt t debt. for the first 216 years of the republic, that's how much debt we accrued. from george washington through, the first 216 years of this thbaddtronbu e k an e so as i was, um, developing the central arguments for the book, it occurr to me that he's not just redistributing wealth her at home, athou he lu d t d wa h dit iby attacking the four core pillars of the u.s. enomy. the industrial base, the
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financial sector, the ener seornd t hea c ct up tnt u.s. economy, and they're all interrelated to everything else. and from day one he very thodically and deliber ntuttawnho on e market capitalism and remaking them as massive, redistributive schemes. he's been more successful in some areas than others. we'll see what the sreme court does on thursday with obamacare. wa touee sthk 's gly but he went about it in a systematic way. think about it this way: any other american president would 10neympping his lov us frenany
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politician really, unemployment and a high unemployment rate is a most politically-toxic element you can face. people are out of work,he enti ecofas, th m w8, 9, 10% unemployment never broke a sweat. .. he said his economic policies have failed and this could cost
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him the eleion a iaid o suint here in the obama economy absolutely he has failed and redistributed socialist policies or whatever you want to call it has failed but thim this haswi sus. in the book i have a name for the democrats. modern democrat party. i call them the kooks because i wanted to use -- to delineate tweenhawee gith a draarou with. harry truman, jfk, this is not your grandfather's democrat party. this is a completely different ball of wax. atl kkso 1968.heisof my friend glen beck has done
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great work tracing it to woodrow wilson, from franklin roosevelt and they were progressives, they re socialist in l oways, wiaboe ths bo them but they weren't able to overtake their party until 1968. in 68 was theast tryro cknumphrey muskie. after that the kooks take over the democrat party. they take it over and what you see is a lot of fmey crntel ir,e kirkpatrick, david horowitz. you see them leave the democrat party because the kooks have taken over. what broke it was their oppotion to the vtnw
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inecs resi mareemtsd re fighting against communism. this is a war of principle and the kooks didn't want to hear it and the kooks took over the up tsinctefrom thapo ermondale, al gore, john kerry and they could never win with the ku klux. the only time a democrat did not put up a cougar they won. bill clinton iame ses a relatively mainstream democrat. he was a pragmatist. he was a political animal. he wanted to win and for arrive in office and was willing to compromise. he was head the mocr erbauhe are no more moderates. when they didn't put up a kook
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they won but the kooks won't give up so they continue to put up to after co and continue to i otieyndi t he book the perfect marriage of man and mission in barack obama. again and, hit, biracial, cl ams ndwoeaif yog children, a guy who spoke with a silver tongued. they finally had their savior and they knew it ands i call him in the book he t b 2moona. when he grabbed the brass ring and won election in 2008 he went to town on the coo agend they understood they have a tritionem ow of onio
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do thavo s bore t next cycle of elections in 2010. they were not sure what would happenn 2010 so they moved with all speed in the first two yes when they had those signatories inongress. inbo t thd. cinff economy coming apart. the american people are screaming for jobs. screening for economic growth. help us. we are dying out here. home foreclosures. i am losing my house. rridriluind do? bill. i don't care what is in it. i will sign whatever you put in front of me so they did and the stimulus, nearly a trillion ll w pal it w aut patsloomnities and states to keep the governmentector union rolls
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om being hemorrhaged. laying off government workers. that is what it was about. forllthal astundow wgo t d ds it america do you know what the percentage was of that trillion dollars that went into infrastructure? roads and bridges? 6%. six%. eofts k government payrolls going so they go and do that and blow through a trillion dollars on nothing and because it was a political act and not an onomic act of course it didn't do anything r the emy. yt fhenomy. stimulated nothing but government which was exactly their point. once they do that in of a first five or six weeks they wash their hands of it saying our work on the onomy is de. wlemusk itgid w
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our attention to heal care. screaming for jobs,nd kotahentff f thxt5ths on health care. what has been driving me crazy is i see people scratching their heads going i don't understand. he spent all this time on alth . enoo t o socialist countries the first thing they do is walk down health care. they socialized health care. why? if the government controls your health car the government tovnm eyeball and your ear canal and your toe fundus the government controls you. that is why they did that first.
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that is why they spend so m meite st bwh but second, we will never get paid back for $23 billion from the auto bailouts. write it off. you will never see your money ain. andfoue nergyec rotha. they tried cat and trade but couldn't get it through the senate because enough of the kooksp and trade bu couldn't g it through the se bsenough of the koe f cl odg st hesdhe congress through his epa and start cracking down on small business and large business and business of every size with every imaginableegatn yo mo- ederad
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to overturn because it was so in sane and and constitutional. of course there is the war on fossil fuelshich he has taken fu for andse t oil spill. redistribution scheme into every major pillar of this economy and the point always was to wrap the redistribution of chemicals arnd those pillars to strangle ths.noraggut l free-market system. entrepreneurship. put it all in the hands of the government. a commd economy and he has been able to have enorms i wngha it occurred to me that doing so much more than redistributing our wealth here at home. his scheme is much more profound
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andlaern al ri lis foreign policy. we saw the muslim brotherhood take over the presidency in egypt and the parliament in egypt. i remember being on the mclaughlin group last yearhen her as the mubarak w i inhr an eran ally and i remember saying if this goes down the moslem brotherhd is steppin in and like that. eyd iloouift and some others democracy. it is glorious arab spring. the muslim brotherhood, a sworn enemy of the united states and the state of isra has been waiting 80 years for thisomen tow i hey e the same thing holds true for barack obama and the kooks.
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they have been waiting decades for this moment to remake eve aspect of the u.s. economy and thid are not going to blt redistributing, not just our wealth but everything that makes america great. our economic energyour political strength, o mit hd b wee tllegal immigration move. perfect example of wt i am talking about. on illegal immigration we talk about how i helped him politically to pass an nest t pmant deat vri iso big objective of the kooks but if you want to really dilute american exceptionalism you open up the bordersnd flood the ze. that is whe h b dog.
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thet igr about diluting our exceptiona exceptionali exceptionalism. he said by the way -- he said is abroad. ptnali theherican british believe in british exceptionalism. not the way an american president should be answering that question. and yet he came out of a vy owup., rou his ideological mentor was frank marshall davis who was one of the nation's most prominent communists in the 1950s. he studi under him from the time he was aittl y. heeee t idlogy and this idea that america should be remade and
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america should be taken down a notch or two or ten in the world and he intend to do it and he ha pe d bohe i a description of socialism in the book and what it really means but i used as shorthand for government redirected redistribution. he sabhiin sh meicaytre is no other way. it has been driving me crazy when i see smart people say i don't get i i don't uerandn' we o heubca like bill clinton did. what is he thinking? not a big mystery. it has never been a big mystey. he never made a mystery of who he i bie
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h quote in the book from the rev. al sharpton. every once in a while a member of the organized crime syndicate known as the far left will blurt out e rel srp in 2010 said, quote, it is absolutely true. there is no doubt that the american people overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they t it but the good hearted american people who elected this man didn't want to see it or refuse to see it. even to this day you see in some no s aut rneehi he has played on that goodness. that american willingness to believe e best certainly about
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their president. he has used thatndevag brilliantly. so in "what the (bleep) just happened?" i lay out the case againsobama and put together the tire obama domestic policy record with the entire foreign l whou ayocaeet evce one place it is devastating. devastating. i write about egypt and the muslim brotherhood and why presidbamas leat otoos n ept an l pthstof the middle east. this is a man who helped to overthrow not one but two solid american allies, hosni mubarak in egypt a marhan d ilca abteutt the time obama
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moved against belmar gaddafi he was one of our most solid allies producing enormous amounts of intelligence on al qaeda and the muslim broerho in libya d mi e ane meha it. enemies of the united states like iran he had nothing to say about the revolt by the iranian people agast that terrorist regime i2009. caot spare a wof moral o neinte srt ca s a wfal support. we see the same thing happening in syria. the moslem brotherhood i preparing to take or in syria. mark my words i can tell you what is goinghaen ui tketrol in syria and you will see president obama, secretary of state clinton begin to move on syria. take a ite miliryio
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onn a., itte -o assad and all the rebels we romanticize in the west will take over. in egypt, and lyand in sy llto iisnd you need to read my book to find out why the president is thrilled with that outcome. we have two top muslim brotherhood guys six or eight weidi is all depressing? no. i don't know about you, but one of the things i wanted tget across in this book was a sense of that american optimism that weave en robd thst bau sick and tired of being sick and
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tired. i amick and tired of having our leadership run this country downhen they run up the debt that we will bs crippled n'omenr a so tired of being depressed and full of despair and watching my friends and fellow americans be depressed and downtrodd and llereracagn.rica is lt w hasaha i nt we are about here. that is not what the american people are about. we don't just pack it in and give up and say it was fun while it lasted 200 some years. produced madonna, lady gaga, it was good for a while and now is gone. the chinese will dominate now and that is the way it rolls.
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werehaki avbeumonr long time because of our exceptionalism. we a not just a great power but a good power. we n jus arut re aorce gd t world. so i wrote the whole last section of the book which is with the subtitle that happy warriors guide to the great american come back because i wanted to finish on a note of w ppwihfues aut ymore. we don't have to sit back and take it. we have the power to change it. i right in the book that it is often considered conventional wisdom that the founding fathers giivelps a s judiciary. also got help us fears they with
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obamace but actually the founding fathers gave us four branches of government and it is going to be up to their frt ch toth aun ouh branch is us. it is us. what gives me hope about this is my old bopridni spabthat maty19. by that he meant the vast majority of normal americans who didn't get media coverage, weren't loud, just hd working peop who ford the heart and oisionha atha i call it the great silent majority 2.0 also known as the tea party but it is all the same saying. the same thg.
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ngimhemecan ha had chance to go to the polls sins barack obama was elected in 2008 they have chose to reject this half of the ie tget t cu bk track toward its foundational principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and economic freedom. 2009, the firs aere eld bls te ne jersey, newersey -- [applause] -- and virginia, 2010, massachusetts senate race. naeaesicnny'ol t n. 2010 congressional races near republican sweep control of the
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house whips to republican. 2012 wisconsin, governor scott walkerolds on to his [aus >>eabye points in a state where progressiveism was founded and government sector unions we founded. the american peoplere saking t vant resounding rejection of obama's kind of redistribution and statei stateism. final point, we have do this dyessi rn ti ca crvese wh w a developing my political values reagan was president and i remember being in fifth or sixth grade and watching him on tv and thinking s. what he is saying is absolutely right. i was syoung athe te at nohye
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was just something instinctive with me and i grew up in high school and college and i understood why he was right. to -- nobody respects and admires president reagan more than i do. hagrt chae totdwas a abnd fnyndne of our best presidents but reagan serve 30 years ago and what we need to do is take his positive emace anupda it r t enirceur sariledafohe twenty-first century. on the left, barack obama did this. in008. this is how he was able to smash the clinton brand and smash the seofmi, d trthe idea of hope and change which was just ambiguous enough that everyone supplied their own meaning to it
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so lot of us thought hope and change, weill be rid of george ingain ofiack president. hope and change was h way of bringingptimism to his flight, to his ideology. coy he abl sl s sic ec h did it with a smile and as a happy warrioror his cause. he can no longer do that. his record so bad that eye wimpte it 100% negative. this gives mitt romney and all of us a huge opening to be the happy warriors. we got tondstd pp warsie c saan waving and we
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are gng to do this mission as tough as it will be, it will be hard, it is going to require a lot of sacrifice because the thaig arnot into gdo weatsi wee persevere. it will be painful and wrenching. look what is happening in western europe after decades of soalism. it is going to be trenching here t the key to the happy warrior is to undsttht we are te. e erhing is to be happy and undertake this mission with joy in our hearts and confidence in america and our journey to take her back. thank uch [aus
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ulu le th mike for question and answer period. >> thank yououc >>8 i efiter pilot. >> say it again >> [inaudible] >> how is it going to be as a candidate and hisampaign staff? he -- mnasadte but a
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lot of very good advisers around him. i have gotten to know a couple of them and they are really smart people but even if you are surrounded by smart people and ara dous ote yoe tn. governor romney is brilliant. you see sometimes when he speaks he speaks really fast and sometimes i want to say to him slowdown. you arealking so quickly which is what i often do. ryg g thase ialng s fast is because his brain is moving so much faster than his mouth. he is incredibly brilliant which by the way is a huge assets. yowant your president to be brillit. thk ofay e s dbama campaign cann paint governor romney as they do for us. they tried to page reagan as the doofus, george w. bush, sarah pan, dan quayle.
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thsomhi tnoowiovr eyau thno it wasn't true with everybody else either but governor romney is so serious in tone and style and intellect and mission they can't do that. the only thing that gives me hope he is a political killer. he is not bob dole and he is not george h. w. bush. d al s tald they were running they ran sort of old, tired campaigns. they ran 20th century campaigns. jo mccwacrly he adn ai ckma iwed. mitt romney does not suffer from that at all.
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there is no bigger political killer on the scene than barack obam you have to send a political killer in to go again a tiil a govnor romney can taste it. he can taste the presidency and he will run and do everything he can to win this office. he is not afraid of barack obama. the otrhi tt coag methey cign is starting to out community organized a community organir. [applause] >> sending buses to respectfully heckba a hat. heing of community organizing in chicago was the sort of master of modern day -- he didn't know what to do. they are not used to it when you hold up mirror to them. .hey didn't know how tandl
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yiloro r icey'tat d they fall apart and team romney is getting good at it. visibility t take out the other side in the dates if you watch previous debates of gornor romney he isasat is e r e tge any points on him so i am lot more optimistic this time about the candidate and his ability to take it to the other side that i was last time. ..
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tht ist u k sa wi become popular in this country? and how are we going to warn america about it? >> there are a lot of peple doing extraoinary work on this question. [ausoodfrd k ne it emerson. robert spencer. these are people dng heroic work on the subject because it is ruethat the muslim brotrhood r mi mveer ids
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orgonmn into our society. remember, there e a couple of different forms of jihad. we also think of the obvious one and the urgent and immediate one which is the violent jihad. that s allqaed it's hezbollah and hm ate eus threat is the longer-range thread of what robert spencer calls the self jihad. that is the muslim brotherhood and other organizations thatet in under the radar and throu grcs deinrenmoig ee ko tey t tering your constitution, your laws, the very fabric of your society. they have dne it to great effect in western europe. i don't know if any of youhave recently been to western europe. greatitmafr. ls ke what is called your radio. it no longer looks like western western western europe. the sovereign countries between the e.u. a the influx of the
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muslim populion, it t do lsoiguns thhr e edstes. the muslim brotherhood, you are absolutely right, as they mentioned representatives who were invited into the white house. he didn't start with rack obama. president bu and his second termegan to ake is ak d teinte e imthodan he last groups, bringing them in. the fbi, cia, the white house. so the infiltration has been going on for quite a while. is is very serus business. we need ent iin bletwyou e tical correctness. one of the huge reasons we are in this mess is because president bush and president obama, although for slightly different reasons, but the political correct as aspt to this has driven a lot ofit. thsoawas we need some leadership here who
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can identify, who is the enemy, who is the threat and how we are going to deal with it. ll o'reilly asked barack obama th lassupebolt e inieiat it usr.est is the muslim brotherhood a threats to the united states? the muslim brotherhood is the sworn enemy of the united states. there's a lot of talk about how they have renounced violence. wawhhe yp temporaresure w tapr i out the window and if you are a christian in egypt you had better pack your bags and skedaddle right now. because this is cuains for you. hen'aert ry. of course the muslim brotherhood is a direct threat to the united states. my view of governor romney, and i have heard him talk out this on several occasions, is that
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even though he hasn't go int thiso t tahi sts hie oly t. usha to hope -- he is going to be a gazillion times better than barack obama anyway in a million different ways but we have to hope once he gets an ananheamthy to rootouo eeafinhefera government in so many ways. we see it here in new york city with the best counterterrorism, department apart from the fbi and th cia. whisasatntoe a ouorhslbhed, w to attack it so we need leadership in this country. thank god for commissioner ray kelly in new york who has stoo up to them. [applause] and seeing ifor what it is but we neea president n cotnan vy protect and preserving the
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united states beuse this is a threat. this is a threat. our constitution was not built for it. it'sfunny, every time i whreni war, iehe asked them the same question over and over again. is this a threat, a religiously-based threat that is coming in under the radar seeking to destroy us from within? nem aan ann' tink that the enemy doesn't know it. so we need a president -- kill my instinct is that romney's stincts on this are excellt. i hope he has the political courage to ihgh frllus [applause] hi. >> this president has fragment ties a society li broken piece of glass. yove ly,al itait poo b
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luxury -- jeb bush i remember when he campaigned and brought us together with a slogan and he wasn't afraid to do maybe liberal type things and speaking wi program which he was profoundly criticized in some corrors. do you think governor romney can also bring us together and how will he do it? >> i do think he can bring us together and i think he alady opnttsp fn re presidency dividing us, as you said along class lines and race lines, gender lines, the war on women. because the cooks need the visi. agt o i order to run through their agenda and like i said they have been quite
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successful in doing that. i think when it comes to governor romney as a conservative, and most of us are conservatives in tsro i o nateoa fhe big dance? no, probably not but is he exactly the right man at exactly the right moment given the economic meltdown we are ad? i think so. i really do think o. d vewn ra yo mfcrbl professional and personal integrity. he is a illiant guy, as i mentioned before, and i really think it's -- america can come foe ten ce he is crere massachusetts in the private sector. as a turnaround artist. wene a turnaround artist. compared to barack obama, who i se aece ertoin my book, hest
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s g quote a spy behind enemy lines. that is what he thinks of the private sector. in order to turn it around you need someone who has lived and thrived in the private sector, jovee ofsaerdhndo i hi rmcain us together. it's tough when you have a mainstream media that is so invested in the other side and so invested in promoting the other side and their candidates and their ideas. it reaprettygug nek, m ,wh doc dared a tape last week of the republican presidential nominee, to make them look bad so they could all laugh at him. disgusting, but this is wt we thet ear t d thi being a political killer, he doesn't much care. i also think he has got this center-right nation ready to go
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with him. [applause] hatpaquio rs ahau think of the justice department's -- [inaudible] and secondly in tensile an you wh younkutoter.d. psyiaa hul ecroey? >> yes, voter i.d.. i think it's disgusting the way this justice department has used that as a weapon. thangeete the me that the cooks basis of their ideas or their principles or their policies. they can only get elected when dead bodies are voting, when the black panthers are stationed outside th snckso y elonthey have to do
4:41 pm
everything possible to engage in voter fraud including this ridiculous and outrageous political use of the justice department and the way theyre couching it d race, that ts mehosuppinnoes te 's sinspll ecy craln u want to enter a barack obama event or enter a justice department event at which the black attorney general is speaking, you need to show, guess what? photi. thehah secret part of our republic, the most secret sacred part of our democracy, floating, is open to such widespread fraud makes me physically sick. there's a great uohe llruhtom uo c buey trying to do this nationwide. cracking down on voter fraud. what our government will not do under this regime, we need to do
4:42 pm
ourselves. [applae] twmoreqti nu o if you were -- romney who would be your selection for vp and number two the announcement of the health care decision from the stripping court came outat 60it r. hihandthee erabwhhee going to do since they announce it so announce it so late? >> to answer the first one first, i think governor romney needs me. [applause] in n, k ee ttad oatke right? seriously though, what do i know? i think is probably down to marco rubio, senator rubio from florida, who is dynamite by the [ausamit fi hirhrs mea fox a few weeks ago and
4:43 pm
has book came out the same day mine did. this was like the we before, so he said monica i am so happy to meet you. i said likelysenator, such a joy eey s instyo e kcg. tomiutth same to yours is. oh no, this is a disaster for me. he said monica i think -- i think that is actually my phone. that's senator rubio calling for hed tk ret t it b ne tk it's chipper and that's funnier. i said well i don't know about that senat but what i do know is sunday you are going to be president of the united states. ththink he has trumped me on henva hm. li he is handsome and has a beautiful family. he is latino and h can deliver florida. pretty much the whole package. the thing that mightold is y aus is, anm
4:44 pm
li l the only thing in my call them back on rubio is that even though rub is fantastic with the national media, he hasn't been on the national scene for that long and i think there might be a ittlwodt, theihtw he em t m be unscripted gas or maybe something on for scene. so i am not sure. they are probably weighing that. the other one that everybody has been talkingout is b rt n -ve o ohio. a very intelligent guy. he has been fĂȘted already. he was george w. bush's omb director. he knows the ins and outs and all the ner d croy ve ohio, which we can't win without


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